Johnny Vagabond: Business Travel Tip

by victor on June 4, 2012 7 Comments

Traveling could either be stressful or expensive and sometime both. But you can travel or fly comfortably and the same time spare a few bucks. Traveling business class or first class can be expensive but you can shed cost and arrange for a comfortable seat by booking ahead of time of your flight. Even if you are traveling business class there are seats in the cabin that are not that comfortable for you so better select the most appropriate seat for your travel unless it’s only a short flight that wouldn’t bother about comfort.  Try flying in secondary airports because they are less crowded, less expensive and most likely has less delays than major airports. It is preferred to go to the airport ahead of time; you might not expect a heavy traffic that could cause you to miss your flight. Early check-in could be helpful also if ...

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Examiner Online Survey on Business Class Travelling

by victor on June 4, 2012 2 Comments


Airline Companies are making much effort in their marketing through invading the social networking websites. It’s their latest way of reaching the potential customers faster and in volume and other business nowadays. There are significant impacts of the online campaigns to their sales in general. There was a study conducted by an online travel agency (Let’s Fly Cheaper) regarding online marketing activities of major airlines in social networking websites. The major internet social networking websites, Tweeter and Facebook, became the study medium and eight major airline companies are subjects of the study.
The social media marketing strategy is a more efficient way of reaching prospective customers with a lesser effort. Updated posts and advertisements in the social websites thus significantly affect the sales of business class travelling. US based airline companies are observed to be occupied more often in social networking sites than the overseas based counterparts. Thus ...
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